Messages were once not preferred by everyone since the kind of benefits that it offered was known all around. People did not move forward to accept such treatment, let alone call it essential. But through time, things have changed, and a message has a different outlook on our current day and age. With a growing body of medical research also coming to back it up, things have become all the more interesting. In that very manner, we are going to pinpoint towards a specific objective or benefit that comes through messaging your pressure points on feet. So go ahead and read them out.

1. Lower Back Pain

Various studies have been determining the benefits of reflexology over massage of the lower back. With that in mind, individuals tend to be curious to learn more about the same aspect. So here’s how you treat your back to reflexology by focusing the massage on the arches of your feet.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to concentrate on pressure points in your arches. One can also make the process smooth by adding a few drops of oil or any other form of a lotion that enriches the aspect of lubrication. After adding the required set of ingredients, you need to massage by moving from your heel to the toes by using thumbs. That’s right. Thumbs are essential to the process of reflexology, and it is quite crucial that you use the same. Performing this task in a series will be beneficial and can help you out immensely.

2. General Pain

The idea about treating general pain through messaging your feet originated from a process known as myofascial release. It is a kind of therapy that targets the thin tissue covering your muscles, organs and bones. So to be more specific, here’s how you do it.

  1. First, you need to choose a comfortable chair that brings about the right posture. Soon after that, you should either place a golf or tennis ball under your feet and roll the same using your foot until you find a sensitive spot. Press down your foot just so that you can feel the point soften and hold it for over 4 to 5 minutes.

3. Anxiety

You might not believe that this procedure is applicable for treating anxiety, but it surely does. So go ahead and check out the instructions.

  1. By curling your toes, you will be able to see a small depression below the ball of your foot. Once you find it, place a pad of your thumb on the spot and hold on to the top of your foot with the other hand. Massage the area through small circles and alternate things firmly by pressing down.