William H. Fitzgerald and Edwin F. Bowers introduced reflexology in the United States in 1913.

According to William H. Fitzgerald, putting pressure on particular spots had some anesthesis effect on the body. Later on, this theory was changed by Eunice D. Ingham. She was a physiotherapist. She was the one who pointed out that there were sensitive points in palm and feet, which had an effect on the whole body. These vulnerable points relax one’s muscles and reduce stress. Modern reflexology follows Ingham’s theory of treatment. Reflexology is also known as zone therapy. It is used to provide relaxation to both mind and body. It is designed to reduce stress levels and diseases. And one of the best ways fact with Reflexology therapy is that it is a natural way to deal with some severe illness.

Reflexology is based on Chinese medicine having borrowed many aspects from the ancient medicine.  A good summary of acupuncture and its benefits are from this article’s co-author at Acupuncture Moonee Ponds.

Stress and Anxiety

Recently, stress and anxiety have been an issue for almost everyone. Everyone has one or the other mental health issue. Mostly stress and anxiety are treated with medication and therapy. But people prefer to opt for treatment as it is a natural method to deal with it. Points on ears, palm, and feet are highly useful to reduce stress and anxiety. Also, reflexology activates brainpower which can help in handling the brain strategy better. It helps in having a better memory. According to a study, reflexology massage helped to relax the people having stress and anxiety.

Stress and Anxiety

Pain and Fatigue

As reflexology therapy activates many vital nerves, it helps for better blood circulation throughout the body. This therapy helps in dealing with pain and fatigue. This also helps in increasing metabolism and energy level. This helps to deal with fatigue in the body. It enhances sleep quality too. Many people with insomnia are advised to take up reflexology massage.  Better energy level helps in better working mentality. According to a study in 2015, reflexology has a significant impact on pain.


Reflexology is emerging as a great way to deal with mental and physical health naturally. Nowadays, the damage done to the body due to work pressure is unavoidable. People are opting for this therapy because it is a no harm way to deal with some of the significant health issues like severe migraine, headache, stress, and many more illness. There is no doubt that people are finding the reflexology massage as a useful therapy to deal with various issues. The reflexology divides the whole body into parts, and the treatment is done accordingly. Every pressure point is directly linked to an organ which is the cause of a disease. If the massage therapy is taken seriously and done correctly, then cure to disease is assured.