Hand reflexology is a massage technique that focuses on applying different amounts of pressure around reflex points on the hands. Applying pressure and massaging on these areas gently, will bring a sense of relief to your body and mind, and curb any discomfort in your body. There are reflex points on our hands and legs, that corresponds to various other organs in our body. Here are some of the reasons for you to incorporate hand reflexology in your weekly routines.

Revives Stress

Coping with the fast-moving world causes our bodies to fall foul of stress. A nurturing therapy like the hand reflexology can improve stress levels, by maintaining imbalances in our body. It targets the central nervous system, which triggers the nerve endings to provide a sense of relief and revive us of stress.

Hand massage

Reduces anxiety

A study has shown that hand reflexology has decreased the level of stress and anxiety in patients who had to undergo coronary angiography- a procedure to diagnose heart conditions. It is also an effective method to treat headaches, especially the ones caused by anxiety and stress.

Reduces Back pain

One of the essential benefits of hand reflexology is decreasing back pain. The areas around the thumb and the back of your wrists are associated with your back muscles. Gently pressing and massaging these points will reduce pain.

Reduces shoulder pain

As the back muscles, the tips of the fingers are also associated with the shoulder muscles. A brief gentle massage on the top joints of each finger in the clockwise direction will alleviate shoulder pain. Sometimes, massaging on the tips each finger will help in reducing neck pains.

Reduces shoulder pain

Reducing allergies

Hand reflexology is an excellent treatment in reducing throat allergies. The fleshy front portion of your hand is associated with the circulation of blood to various body parts. Massaging this portion improves blood circulation to certain areas, including the throat, which can reduce allergies.

Improves mobility

Joint pain is a universal problem in the elderly. Following the hand reflexology treatment regularly, will improve flexibility and relieve joint pains to an extent. It is a recommended treatment, especially for patients who have rheumatoid arthritis.

Alleviates irritable bowel syndrome

This condition can be caused due to various factors, stress being one of them. Since reflexology is a mantra for stress relief, it can also work as an effective treatment for this condition.

Symptoms of menopause

Menopause causes a lot of discomfort in women, especially when you’re at the peak of it. Common symptoms include mood swings, back pain, and cramps. Regular practising of reflexology can not only suppress these symptoms but also revive your body of further discomfort.


Hand reflexology is very complicated, yet a powerful technique that encourages your well being. By massaging and working various parts of your hand, you can stimulate the spine, stomach, back, neck, and so on. If you want to perform it by yourself, then there is a lot to learn before you get started, but at the end of the day, it is all worth it! You will have access to your health, through your own hands.