For most women, pregnancy is the time of joy and celebration, but there are times when women need some additional support, apart from the medications. Reflexology is one such method that is beneficial for women both during and post-pregnancy. It is a complementary therapy which involves applying different amounts of pressure on parts like the hands, feet, ear and face.

Reflexology is an effective way to relax the muscles and reduce swelling of legs in a pregnant woman. Reflexologists believe that the nerve endings are connected to the internal organs and applying pressure and massaging them gently can be beneficial for the entire well-being of your body. Here are some of the benefits of considering reflexology for a mom-to-be:


Pregnancy is the time when your energy levels are slacking off, especially during the early days and the onset of the second trimester. Performing reflexology during this time can relieve you from all the stress and anxiety and energise you.


Pregnancy Manifestations

Pregnancy is the time when there are various hormonal changes and imbalances in your body, causing emotional rollercoasters which also causes anxiety. Performing reflexology during this time will ease out these symptoms and also help in coping with physical changes like morning sickness, back and leg pain, anaemia, night cramps and discomfort.

Better digestion

Hormonal changes and a growing baby can hamper your digestion power and cause water retention. A good 30-minute session of reflexology relaxes the muscles in your body and ease the process of elimination.



Following the reflexology procedure regularly, increase the possibilities of natural labour. It reduces the need for medical inductions and improves the health condition of the mother, by relieving stress.


Pregnancy symptoms can be severe in some women, causing discomfort and cramps in their body. Oedema is one such condition where the pregnant woman’s face, legs and hands swell up due to the accumulation of fluids and improper blood circulation. Having regular sessions of reflexology can increase blood flow throughout the body and decrease such conditions.

Pregnancy massage


Chromosomal abnormalities in the foetus can cause miscarriage in almost 15-50 per cent of the women around the world. Reflexology can harmonise the mind, inducing a sense of relief and peace to the mind and body. A professional reflexologist will look for symptoms of miscarriage and alert you before it’s too late.


Also known as the Zone Treatment, Reflexology is one of the best methods to support maternity journey. As we saw, it not only relieves the discomfort caused during pregnancy but also gives you an excuse to put your feet up and enjoy a relaxing session. After all, pregnancy is the time to sit back, relax and take care of yourself and your little one.