Reflexology and body massage are two therapies that are widely accepted by people from all around the world. The different systems and methods that these therapies follow are distinctive and unique in their own right. Due to all this, numerous benefits come from these therapies that are impactful to the human body, mind and soul. Apart from these benefits, looking further into their differences also gives a brief idea about what to expect from them. So to paint the right picture of all these aspects, here are top benefits and comparisons between reflexology and body massage.

  1. Relaxation – when it comes to relaxation, you can expect both these methods to help you out. Reflexology alone can help you relax by improving your circulation and can move ahead to stimulate the entire nervous system. Due to this, your body goes through a wide variety of energy levels, promoting you to be active. On the other hand, body massage helps you to relax since it goes through the entire system. Individuals who provide this massage are trained professionals who reach into your stress points and manage to calm you down.
  2. Pain Relief – the kind of relief that you get from pain is extraordinary, and this goes out, especially for body massage. Since it deals with the entire system, you can expect aspects to get better by the end of the session. Reflexation also provides relief by calming down the tension in your muscles as they tend to disappear.


  1. Method and technique – the method and technique followed by both these therapies tend to differ in so many ways. With body massage, you can expect professionals to use heated stones, different oils, compression, heat therapy, and so on. These aspects will be utilised based on the kind of treatment that you prefer. The method for relaxation, on the other hand, is simple and plain. Since reflexologists understand your pressure points, they go directly for the chase and method does not require you to take your clothes off. Oil and other aspects will not be utilised for the process.

Level of Impact – while it is not right to say that one technique is more impactful than the other, an individual’s experience differs. Due to the use of thumbs and fingers, reflexology affects your central points, and you feel the layoff of pressure on specific points. But when it comes to body massage, things are way different. As the treatment covers your entire body, you will be relaxed with improving levels of mental health. Towards the end, you will be healed of pain and other aspects that have been troubling you for a while.