Reflexology and body massage has always been quoted as the same. On the basis of specific points, numerous individuals have gone ahead and categorized these distinctive methods in the same list. But in reality, one must know that they are not the same. Both these techniques follow a different path and thus, a different routine. When you opt for either one of them, the result tends to differ on certain levels, making it hard to believe that they’re the same. So to further clarify the difference, here’s a basic introduction about these techniques and also the main aspects of difference.

1. What is Reflexology?

The process of reflexology involves squeezing particular parts of the body as a move to improve health. This is done to relieve certain pressure points and make you feel comfortable. As a result, the process continues when life force flows through your body and heals injuries, illnesses and strain. The pressure points of your body can be understood by reflexologists since they have spent years studying about the same. Apart from that, the different methods of training that they go through, also imbibe the right knowledge catered to target blockages and squeeze them out from your system.

Reflexology Massage

2. Defining Body Massage

Body massage is a process that we are all familiar with. Either through one source or the other, we have come across this phenomenon called body massage. But to be more elaborate, one must know that the process involves the manipulation of tissues in the body in order to relieve pressure and promote relaxation. This is achieved through rubbing, beating the muscles, skin, joints, lymphatic vessels, and so on. For this very purpose, professionals utilize different ingredients and techniques such as herbal oils, rolling movements, leans and stretches, heated stones, compression, yoga, heat therapy, hydrotherapy, and so on.

3. The Difference

The only part of similarity between these methods is the application of hands. Their techniques cannot be processed if individuals do not use their hands. Apart from that, one can rightly point out the differences, like the ones mentioned below.

  1. Clothes – reflexology does not require you to remove clothes since only your feet, hands and ears are covered through the process. On the other hand, massage therapy requires you to wear nothing but an undergarment.

b. Point of Focus – from the above introduction, it is quite clear that reflexology focuses on one specific point on your body rather than the entire body. By utilizing fingers, they move ahead to certain points. But message therapy is not the same as it goes through your whole body. Due to that, reflexology can improve the functions of human organs, whereas massage can relieve tension, stress and other aspects.