Reflexology is a therapy that focuses on massaging by applying pressure on reflex points in the hands and feet. Applying gentle pressure on these reflex points, loosens the muscles, relaxing both the body and mind. Many symptoms and effects are observed during and after the session, which is generally positive and is part of the healing process.

This article will talk about the top 5 signs that indicate that the procedure is having positive impacts on your body.

  1. Itching in the face

The process of reflexology will stimulate static in the brain cells, which usually results in an itchy feeling, especially on the face. When you undergo the treatment, the nerve endings are stimulated, and an internal static is produced in the nervous system. This is the reason for the itchy feeling in the body, especially the face.

Itching in the face

  1. Twitching of the muscles

Often people experience a twitching sensation in the muscles, during or immediately after the session. This is a sure shot that the treatment is working. Movement of the fingers around the reflex and pressure points triggers the muscles in that area. The twitching sensation is due to internal blockages in the energy flow, in particular parts of your body.

  1. Change in breathing patterns

More often than not, people undergoing the treatment fall asleep due to the treatment’s soothing and relaxing effects. Most of the patients experience cessation of breath occasionally for 3-5seconds. When it returns to normal, the patients take instant deep breaths. Sometimes, this can be considered as a side effect.

Breathing patterns

  1. A feeling of relaxation

Usually, reflexologists enquire about your pain points before the session. If you sense a decrease in the tenderness, or if the pain has vanished, at the end of the session, then it is a sign the treatment is working you. Most of the patients feel relaxed after a session, resulting in light headedness, which will usually fade in a couple of minutes.

  1. Movement in the gut

This is considered as one of the most important signs that the treatment is working on your body. It is a robust healing process of the body and an indication for a successful procedure. The gut movement is usually in the form of gurgling in the stomach.

Movement in the gut


Reflexology is a procedure that intends to bring relief and reconciliation to your mind and body. Reflexologists believe that any abnormalities spotted in your body will heal itself once the stress is released and the body is balanced unless the defects are severe. A reflexology session lasts for 45-60 minutes, and most of the above- mentioned signs are reflected during or immediately after the session. These symptoms last for 24- 48 hours. Generally, most of the effects of reflexology are positive and do not provoke side effects. However, some might be subjected to emotional responses and an increased urge to urinate. If you’re undergoing a reflexology treatment and show any of the above- mentioned signs, then good news, the treatment is working for you!