Reflexology massage is a therapy that done with a certain amount of pressure applied on specific points of palm and feet which affects organs of a body. The origin of the reflexology is unknown. According to some sources, a similar activity like reflexology existed in China and Egypt. There is an ancient Chinese term called “qi” which means vital energy. When a person goes through stress, the “qi” is blocked. This lead to diseases and illness. Reflexology deals with keeping a balance in the body by allowing the regular flow of “qi”. It works on every individual differently. The general pressure point mapped works uniquely to every individual. Reflexology manipulates the body’s energy and connects to the organs. It divides the entire body into smaller sections so that working on the organ will be easy. Though lots of research and analysis done on how reflexology works, there is no evidence to support its effectiveness.

Reflexology massage

What is the job of a Reflexologist?

A reflexologist is someone who is professionally trained and educated regarding the reflexology massage. The reflexologist job includes providing proper palm and feet massage to individuals with specific health issues. These issues can be mental or physical health issues. Both problems can be treated naturally by reflexology massage. They use the proper technique to treat an individual differently according to the problems.

How to become a Reflexologist?

An individual needs a postsecondary education in the stream of massage therapy. They can go for either a certificate or an associate’s degree program. To get a license or certificate, an individual must have 500 hours of massage therapy education. Every reflexologist requires a license or certification to work in the United States. For getting a license or certificate, one must complete their training and pass the exam. After getting a permit, they are eligible to work for yoga academic, health spa and fitness centers. Therapy career has a great future.

Tips for having a successful career

It is advisable to join a professional organization. Self-marketing is another tip that will help in having a great career. Networking is another tool to get a stable job. Once into the work, always stay connected to the clients so that proper treatment is provided. Remember, word of mouth works the best.



Recent studies show that reflexology is one of the most used therapies in Denmark. Most of the population has used it once in their lifetime. According to a survey in 2005, 21.4% of the Denmark population has opted for reflexology the same year and 6.1% the previous year. According to the 2007 study, 5.6% of Norway’s population has used reflexology in the last 12 months.