Reflexology is in an emerging demand all over the world. It is a therapy in which an adequate amount of pressure put on on palm and feet. Reflexology massage usually is done by a therapist who is professionally trained for it. People who want to regain their energy through natural way prefer reflexology. It is comfortable too. People can be in their known and convenient places to enjoy the relaxing session. The amount of pressure differs from person to person. Reflexology not only takes care of the physical pain but also helps in reducing mental stress. It is also known as zone therapy. It helps in creating stimulation all over the body. There are approximately stimulates 7000 nerves. The time duration varies from half an hour to one hour.

Reducing the pain during Pregnancy and Menstruation

It is a lesser-known fact that reflexology is quite helpful for women. It reduces the pain a woman suffers during menstruation and pregnancy. Not only this, but reflexology massage also helps in increasing the energy after postnatal depression. It helps the body to heal itself and get back to regular metabolism activity.



Dealing with Headaches

Often reflexology is advised to people who have a headache and severe migraine. It reduces the pressure of a person and makes him/her feel relaxed. As the tension in the muscles and mind, it helps the individual feel calm. If this massage is done at a regular time, this can cure the severe migraine and headache to a great extend.

Increase Brain’s Strength

As we know that reflexology massage hugely impacts the nerve system, it increases the strength of the brain. It activates nerves and opens up the neural pathways. It helps in boosting memory as well as it helps in handling information very fast and effectively. It will result in a fast physical reaction. It also helps in strengthening the core of the brain.

Reflexology massage

Improved Blood Circulation

As the proper amount of pressure applied to the pressure points on palm and feet, the blood circulation increased in the entire body. According to a study, reflexology is one of the best ways to improve blood circulation in the body. It also helps in the proper functioning of vital organs.


In the current situation, both mental health and physical health is essential. Reflexology massage is one of the best methods to stay healthy. The pressure points are connected to particular organs. These organs react to the pressure applied on the palm and feet and respond to it simultaneously. It takes off the stress on muscles and minds as well. Reflexology considered voluntarily in the United Kingdom. Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) is the body that handles it.